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Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.​


About us

Saudi Real Estate Construction Company – TAMEAR was formed in 2016 as one of the Saudi Real Estate subsidiaries of AL-AKARIA Group of Companies with the aim to become a global leader in the construction sector. TAMEAR is committed to modernize construction systems, techniques and standards which shall improve efficiency, optimization of cost and timely completion of projects.

TAMEAR has secured within short span of time a number of projects and successfully executed them and secured ultimate satisfaction of the Clients. The dedication, top quality and high standards enable TAMEAR to secure Class I Construction Contractor from the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing (MOMRAH). Being a Grade I Contractor, TAMEAR is undertaking and completing high profile and mega projects of reputed clients in the Kingdom. Thus, TAMEAR is capable of undertaking and completing the projects of any magnitude and nature.

The typical projects which TAMEAR is undertaking and completing are not only limited to the following Residential & Non-residential Buildings, Hotels, Malls and Hospital, Recreation & Commercial. TAMEAR provides a bespoke and unique build whilst operating with the latest construction techniques to allow our developments to be cost effective and efficient. The Scope of TAMEAR is from the Concept Design stage until the finishing stage for the above listed type of the projects with the high-end satisfaction of our prestigious Clients.