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CEO Message

Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.​

Message from the CEO


Message from the CEO

As we venture towards the future in our journey to help achieve vision 2030, we at Tamear are committed to building a bright future, by investing in our local talents, achieve digital transformation and leverage the latest in construction technologies to simplifying building with great speed, higher quality, and lower cost. We are also committed in promoting local partners, whether by increasing our local content, or promoting local subcontractors whom we are honoured to work with. Our aim is to help our client in achieving their construction milestones, whether that by providing the latest building technologies to achieve quality and speed, or through value engineering to help optimize and achieve their targeted budget.

Our aim is to build long term strategic alliances with our partners and clients in building a more sustainable, futuristic, and greener Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Mohammed Abunayyan