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Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.​



Tamear adheres to five core values that are consistently ingrained into the company’s culture, workflow, and way of doing business. The values we’re proud to uphold:

Our Foundation

Tamear established from the strong roots of Akaria as a subsidiary and achieved a strong reputation in the Construction Industry of the Kingdom


Tamear believes that integrity is fundamental to all aspects of its business with no exception, and has a zero-tolerance policy towards compromising that value both internally and externally


Tamear implements all its projects with passion, leading by example and demonstrating true commitment to top tier global standards

Openness to the world

Tamear adopts an adaptable vision that future-proofs its business, considering the rapid developments the world is witnessing everyday

Team Spirit

Tamear invests heavily in a leadership team that are able to unite and harness the power of teamwork both locally and remotely to bring world-class real estate solutions and execution to every project regardless of size